Mom’s House, Existing And Corporate

I spent the weekend at my mom’s house. She recently moved to the county. This visit was my second time being there since I have been home.

Boats, cottages, fish and chips, waiving at strangers just because your paths are crossing – the whole enchilada.

I feel I needed some time outside of  my regular routine. My mom’s place was just that.

The thing about going from the city to the country is that you disconnect yourself from the source. The source being whatever drives most of your time, thoughts, desires, and responsibilities.

Removing yourself from the source for a couple of days allows relaxation and clarity. Being present. No tasks.

You know, R & R.

Being on the kayak this weekend reminded me of my feelings during my backpacker travels. Being somewhere without an agenda; just existing. Going with the flow. Living in the moment. Not considering the past or the future.

It is in many ways the complete opposite of the corporate world – calculated, task orientated, time sensitive.

However, I now understand it’s important to have both – just existing, and purposeful, ambitious work. I like the new goal of balancing both of these concepts; something I had not previously considered (as such, not done well).

Overall I feel good.

Also, fish and chips – worth every calorie.

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