Hot Yoga. First Session Back

Last night was my first session back in Hot Yoga.

There was a time when my friend Dave and I would go every Saturday morning to Hot Yoga. It was both for improving flexibility/mobility and the soothing relaxation. We did it for a little over a year. It was nice. It was routine. Moving to Europe, that pattern was broken, and I stopped going.

But now I’m back.

After Hot Yoga I thought I would be heading out for the night (off work today), but that didn’t seem to be in the cards. I was so relaxed that I ended up passing out on my couch for what seems to have been the deepest sleep since my arriving home.

Perhaps some more evening yoga sessions would benefit me.

The reason I am adding Hot Yoga back into my weekly routine, among some other things, is because I view my life back in Canada as a 1 year project. That doesn’t mean I am leaving Canada in 1 year, however it does mean after 1 year I give myself an honest evaluation as to what I have accomplished, and where (if) I should move to or shift my direction to after said year.

My focus is on self development, on improving who I am as a person. Without getting into too much detail today, I am excited for the opportunity to create a better existence.

Without that goal, what else is there really?

Much to do.

Overall I am happy I was able to get the first class done, because the first class is the toughest to tackle.




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