Amsterdam, Thoughts On The Future

Day 105 of Year 26

I arrived in Amsterdam a few hours ago.

Before we go any further, let me just say, do not miss your train. Those tickets are non-refundable, and since you have to buy a second one, a costly mistake. Lesson learned.

So, here I am back in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam was where I began living life outside my comfort zone, where I lived for over a year. I learned much about myself and life from leaving the comfort of my support system back home. Amsterdam forced me to grow, and that was what I was searching for my last while in Canada. Amsterdam was an amazing opportunity I am grateful I was able to experience.

However, all things must end in favour of the next. This I know to be true.

I thought it necessary for Amsterdam to be my last stop on the Malcolm Europe roadshow before returning home to Canada.

Which brings me to my next thought – Year 26, since I am returning home – am I proving I was not able to live outside of the norm? Am I saying to myself, the system is really where it is at for me? That being a nomad is not ideal for me?

At this point, I am not sure, opportunity presented itself and I like great opportunities.

Also, if I am being honest (because that is the point of a blog right?), I do miss home. It will be nice to return for a while. To see family and friends, to experience familiarity in a comfortable, stable environment.

I do not view returning to my home town as a step back though. Instead, I view it as the perfect environment to focus on self-development. Having met new types of people while on my little adventure, I have learned I want to be a more rounded individual. Also, that my free time should be used more effectively to grow myself as a person, with more skills. So, returning home for me will allow me to prepare for the next time I go on an adventure. I want to be more versatile. I cannot explain what that means at this moment, but as I settle back into my routine, I am sure I will share my new goals.

Well, this cafe (can’t call it a coffee shop since its Amsterdam), is closing. As far as Amsterdam itself and how I feel walking through my old neighbourhood – Nostalgic as can be.

Like I said, all things must end in favour of the next.

Man, am I excited.


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