Israel, 10 Days In The Heat

Day 100 of Year 26

Tel Aviv, Israel

The problem with writing this daily¬†… semi-daily blog is that I was too busy enjoying Israel, to actually write about enjoying Israel.

There are probably worse problems out there, but this will have to serve as a condensed after-the-fact version of my thoughts.

When I first mentioned going to Israel to my friends and family, the majority of responses were along the lines of, ‘be careful’, and, ‘are you sure, is it safe?’. I had no knowledge of Israel, except for some ideas of a Gaza strip, and ongoing conflict of over land between people.

I know, I am working on learning more about the world.

I spent a total of 10 days in Israel, originally scheduled to be 7 – but I was due for a missed flight at some point right? Throughout those 10 days, I was able to soak up some of the culture and form my own opinion on the people and culture. So, here we go…

Yes, the whole country does look like Gal Gadot.

Jk jk, but there is a very nice look to the people in Tel Aviv. Between the sun, the pace of life, and the beach, the people have a unique look matched with a cool sense of fashion/self expression.

Processed with VSCO with l8 preset

As far as the city itself goes, the place looks pretty beat up. While there are some preserved buildings that inspire, the rest of the place looks worn. The whole vibe is beige brick and random building. It was still cool to see, as I had never experienced anything like it before. Clothes hanging everywhere, street vendors selling anything, winding roads and abandoned buildings.

It was unique.

Processed with VSCO with l8 presetMy favourite part of the city was Old Town, Jaffa. There was a preserved part of buildings on one side of the main beach. It had winding passageways, narrow corridors, and bricked everything. More inside the city, there was a part filled with street vendors, shops, and very hip eateries. At nighttime it had street performers, a small nightlife, and cozy vibe.

Now onto the guns…

My first hour in the country, I observed a large amount of guns (because I passed a large amount of people in uniform). It was incredible to see so many of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) cruising around locked and loaded. However, it did make sense as everyone is required to serve for some time, and they need to be ready for anything. It took some time to get used to 20 looking year olds walking around with assault rifles. However, I must say, in the city I felt safe, because they were everywhere. So, if anything was to happen, within a minute there would be help.

I think it is cool that everyone has service time.

Having said that, one of my first nights at the hostel, I was hanging out with a bunch of people. Some people were drinking, some were smoking, it was a chill vibe. One of the guys got up to grab his backpack, and he had a handgun hanging off his belt. I remember thinking at first, whatttttt. However he was cool, and it was common, so as they say – when in Rome.

Processed with VSCO with l8 preset

The main experience I wanted to have was the Dead Sea. The whole idea of floating in the middle of a desert was alluring to me.

Everyones into their own things, right?

While it was awesome to float, it was also 37 degrees. It was like floating in a hot tub underneath a heater. The mud is said to be great for many conditions.

Honestly, I just wanted to float. A few times I accidentally got water in my mouth and eyes – I would not recommend that unless you like instantly dehydrating and/or burning eyes.

I really enjoyed my time in Israel. I was able to just exist on the beach relaxation level 1000. I think I needed that.

Well, thats my debrief on all things some things Israel.

Presently I am sitting in my Antwerp, Belgium eating fries and chocolate. More Life right.

I would highly recommend Israel :).

Also, here are some more of my shots from Israel.

Processed with VSCO with l8 preset



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