Leaving Poland, More Life

[This post was written yesterday, uploaded today]

Day 88 of Year 26

I am seated in the airport terminal. Today I fly to Israel.

This morning the taste is bittersweet. It goes without saying I am excited to go to Israel and travel again. However, at the same time I am sobering up to the reality that I am leaving Krakow.

Another chapter complete.

It is sobering because over the last three months I have formed some great relationships. Poland was a new experience for me, and allowed me some time to just be. I was able to appreciate the randomness of waking up without plans and letting days form themselves.

I went from spending most of my free time alone, to spending all of my time surrounded by friends. I went from rigidness and structure to loosening up and wasting time. From OCD to wearing the same shirt 2, even 3 times before washing. From training everyday, to sometimes missing 2-3 days in a row.

Overall, from being meticulous to wingin’ it.

While I cannot say what is best, I was able to at least challenge my own qualities.

That was the purpose of this whole thing.

Truthfully I only missed 3 days of training once….. ;).

While I am temporarily sad, it is not from a place of surprise that I leave, but instead appreciation for the good times I had.

Plus, I think we can all admit goodbyes suck.

Such is the way of things.

Time is finite, that is something I have come to better understand over the last year. The good, the bad, the in-between – it is all temporary. It is important to always be going forward, while enjoying the immediateness of the present. I have not always been the best at doing that, but I am improving. I wanted more life, and Europe has shown me how to get that.

The term more life is not about adding length to life, but instead quality of what is to be had.

That is the goal.

Now I must look forward, with a timeline I hope to share in the coming blog posts.


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