Two Nights In Budapest, Hungary

Day 80 of Year 26

A couple of days ago I adventured down to Budapest, Hungary.

Since my time in Europe is slowly beginning to dissolve, I find myself more focused on travelling around. I chose Budapest as my next stop because it was a city very hyped up by others to explore (many people at the hostel had either just visited or were about to).

Also, it was 20 euros round trip from Poland.

European travel life.

Budapest overall was nice, most notable from my experience was the thermal baths – which is something Budapest is known for.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

The thermal baths are probably more of a fall/wintertime experience. The reason I say that is because I was sitting in 38 degree water, in 38 degree weather – hot.

In comparison Iceland’s baths were amazing, because when I was there it was freezing outside of the water – which made being in the water soothing. Warm water in warm heat is just…..sweaty.

When in Rome right?

As for as Budapest itself, the city is pretty and the ruin bars are badass. Ruin bars are essentially massive clubs with different rooms, interesting designs, and depressed bar staff.

(I add the last part as partly comedic, but wow were some of the service staff debbie downers).

Either way, beer is beer right?

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

While there, I joined a boat party one of my nights, which was dust. It was 2 hours of unlimited warm canned beer (terrible quality), mixed champagne with fanta, and wine (mixed I believe).

Amateur hour

I say amateur because I am comparing it to what I know of the boat party in Krakow, which is amazing. In Krakow the boat party is two hours unlimited beer, rum, gin, vodka and the mixers. People get body bagged. If you find yourself backpacking, Krakow is definitely a city to be partied in, and the boat party sailed.

Anyway, back to Budapest.

In the hostel I stayed in I met a couple cool people as well. I think backpack travel is two fold, On the one side you have experiencing different sights and sounds, and on the other you have meeting new and interesting people all on their own unique paths. I like making friends on the type of global scale that Year 26 has allowed for so far. Everyone is doing their thing, in their own way, experiencing more life.

Personally, making new friends is what I find most enjoyable. If you meet a bunch of cool people, the time will be great no matter what kind of boat party you end up on.

I think for me, Budapest is a one-visit city. While everyone naturally has different experiences, and is interested in seeing different stuff, two nights was enough.

There was a bunch of gyms in Budapest as well, incase you were wondering.

My next trip is Israel the first week of July. I am very excited to see whats going on over there. I think it will be like nothing I have experienced before.




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