Zakopane, Tatra Mountains Hike

Day 73 of Year 26

Surprise, I am back!

Earlier this week I took an excursion to Zakopane. Zakopane is a city alongside the Tatra mountain range. This mountain range works as a natural border between Poland and Slovakia.

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I was excited when the trip was suggested because I have not really done any hiking or outdoor adventures (except Iceland, which I would not consider much). Pair that with the fact I have been pretty much seated in Krakow, and I feel a bit guilty to not be experiencing more of Eastern Europe. So, when this opportunity presented itself, of course I would be climbing up the stairs to the Zakopane Bus at 0630.

Not a morning person.

I am not going to bore with stories of climbing, but the entire hike was roughly 7 hours. We picnicked off a peak, ate dinner at a hostel in the mountains, and crossed paths with some badass mountain goats.

Hiking and heights are two things I am becoming fascinated with. While we only hit a peak of 2300m, the horizon was amazing to see. I want to climb higher, and the idea of camping out under the stars is something I really want to make a thing. So, I will have to think more on how and where to hike next.

Suggestions welcome.

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The fitness side of me was curious on how to maximize endurance and strength for long duration hiking. While ascending, my quads were fatiguing. It was not limiting, but I do feel if one was to hike more seriously, they should incorporate a lot of lunges and step ups. Afterwards on our descent, I felt it in my hamstrings/glutes. Makes sense.

I find that stuff fascinating – When fitness meets real life, and how to improve fitness for real life scenarios.

I think fitness just for the sake of fitness is actually boring as hell. When I realized that was how I felt, well, it really made me question why I even did any of it. Once I reached what I wanted to (Needs, Goals, Timeframe :p ), I then thought, now what? Just keep doing this forever/until I cannot anymore? Not fun.

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So, this hike has shown me new elements to train for. Essentially, step ups and single leg work are more of a priority. Couple that with some higher reputation days (in preparation for when I climb Mount Everest, naturally).

Okay, well maybe one day at a time, but I definitely want to climb some badass mountains now.

Tomorrow I am taking a night train somewhere for a couple days. I do not know where yet, but I am excited for experience night train life. I am sure that all be my topic point for tomorrow.

It felt so peaceful in the mountains. I liked that feeling.



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