Decision Time Approaches

Day 54 of Year 26

Yesterday I opted out of a beach day with my friends so I could go to the gym.

Today I missed out on another beautiful day so I could go to the gym.

Absent two beautiful days in order to complete my daily rituals. Two days my former self bested my new nomad self.

While I try to challenge my former ways, the further I get from them, the more I wonder if they are what actually make me who I am (ultimately, happy). While I have enjoyed many new things, I still return to what I know – I question what that means for me.

I ponder if I am reverting back, only 2 months out. While I do not think so, there are some things I am slowly beginning to long for again. These things do not trump my current path, but I am aware that one day I will probably want them again.

But hey, this whole thing is a learn as you go project, right?

On that note…

I have been floated some interesting things to consider for my next stage of Year 26. Soon I must make some definitive decisions on the matter. These elements are sobering, because Year 26 is/was about getting lost – and some options would reel me back in.


However, maybe being reeled back in would be a good thing.

I think even if I was reeled back in, I would return different – with different values and different visions on life. I would have to find a new way of enjoying more life, while living life. Meshing my old concepts with my new concepts. Let the games begin.

Also, I am going to the beach tomorrow. So tomorrow, nomad life will take the W. Apparently there are cliffs to jump off.

Wish me luck.

TLDR soon it is decision time on the Nomad adventure.






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