Shooting Guns In Poland

Day 48 of Year 26

A couple of days ago some of my mates and I went shooting. I was asked about a week earlier, and while I did not think I was a huge gun person, Krakow is about trying  different things – shooting guns would be different things. So, I had to accept. I should mention that I had not fired a gun in over a decade, so I was a little anxious as to how it would go. I was not really sure what to expect.

The drive to the range from the hostel was roughly 15 minutes through the city.

We arrived to a table lined with an assortment of guns. Everyone was instantly pumped to start shooting. The staff were very helpful while giving us quick run downs on each gun as we were firing. Eye and ear protection were necessary, because safety first.


We fired a couple different guns, my favourite being the M-16.

While peoples’ views on gun possession, regulation, and gun violence definitely differ, there is one thing we can all agree on:

Firing guns feels freakin’ amazing.

Seriously, it felt like lightning bolts were leaving my hands as I was firing. I now understand the allure behind target shooting.

The group was comprised of 3 Australians, an American, and myself. I think you can probably guess who was the most accurate. Yes, The American.

We are already talking about returning to shoot more. I hope its something we can make happen again, ASAP.



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