What Kind Of Commute Are You Having?

Day 41 of Year 26

I was taking the tram home at around 0900 this morning. While most people were going to work, school, and other responsibilities – I was heading home to sleep until 1500 in the afternoon. This is the nocturnal nature of my adventure in Poland.

Looking around the tram this morning, sleepy-eyed, I observed something I had overlooked until this point.

Most of the people sitting on this tram looked like they did not want to be the on tram. It looked like they would much prefer being anywhere else except the tram. I should add the Polish are super-stoic, and it was morning for most – perhaps those factors in what I was observing.

However, I do not think so because looking back to when I would take public transit in Canada – I observed the same faces every morning on my commute to fitness.

The somber; long faces, yawns, blank expressions, slow movements, silence – typical of my experiences during my morning commutes. The looming atmosphere of reluctance for the day’s tasks.

Why so serious?

I think the system has weakened some peoples’ optimism and dreams over time. For some, I think they have become numb to their daily routine. Others might be questioning if this is it for them? If someone perceives they are at the ceiling of their potential, how motivated would someone be heading into their day.

Ultimately, the commute is the time when people either dread how their day is going to go, or get themselves jacked up to attack it.

It is perceived as either something that can be changed by our actions for the better, or not able to be changed, and is simply a raw deal.

In my experience, public transit breeds more despair than motivational speeches. I know this because I have been there a couple mornings myself. The weight of the day can be heavy at times. While some things in life may need to endured for a time, I think a lot of the stress and feelings are based on how we perceive the situation.

While I am currently living in an alternate universe, when I return I will be self aware of my mornings. I cannot be a long face again, at any point.

Because life is not long enough to do shit you hate.

What kind of commute are you having?

TLDR smile on the bus.


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