New Cell Who Dis, Protests

Day 38 of Year 26

Seriously, I lost my phone sober. Who even does that these days?

By being a complete noob and forgetting my phone on a ledge during promo. That’s how #amateurhour

So, I picked up another iPhone today, which I commit to not leaving on any ledges in the near future. The optimist in me says, at least this one is unlocked. Now I have a mobile hotspot and a SIM carded cell phone. The phone does kind of make the box obsolete. Perfect timing.

Either way, solved my own problem twice.

Is there bonus points for that?

In other news, today there was some sort of anti-gay protest/demonstration in the square.

I do not hate people, except the people who hate other people for things that do not in anyway effect them. I hate those people. So I suppose I actually do hate people, but only the haters. I am sure they understand.

There was also an abortion protest going on at the same time. I do think they were separate groups. The question is, if you are in both groups, do you flip flop the entire time, or just pick one and go all in? Which jersey do you wear?

Why do some people put so much energy into hate? Do they have nothing better to do? Why walk around telling others how to live theirs lives?



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