Constitution Day in Poland, May 3rd

Day 28 of Year 26

There are two bank holidays in Poland within 3 days of each other, May 1st and May 3rd.

May 1st is Poland’s labour day, and May 3rd is Poland’s Constitution Day.

Constitution Day was first established in 1791 and is considered to be Poland’s July 4th equivalent (America’s Independence Day). It has been suspended a few times throughout history due to some stuff, but since 1990 it has been a stat holiday here. The Polish have had to endure some hardships to maintain their sovereignty, and from my basic understanding, Constitution Day is a beacon to that commitment. Also, during the hardships, there were periods when it was not celebrated, but they were able to be strong and fight to eventually get it back. #themoreyouknow

That means my grocery store was closed today, and there were flags everywhere.

One flag I thought was really nice was a massive Polish flag hanging off of Kosciusko Mound. One flag over the city.

I like Poland’s flag. I may have a bias towards red and white flags.

There are also festivities, parades, etc. etc. but I do not think I will be seeing much of that.

It is important to maintain tradition, and remember history. When I was a kid, I was not really into national holidays and things like singing the anthem. I mean I would (because everyone else was singing and I did not want to be that guy), but I did not get the importance of those types of cultural and national traditions. I just did them.

I am way more patriotic since I have been planted in Europe. I realize how proud I am to be Canadian, and the opportunities that has afforded me. Travelling into different countries and experiencing cultures has absolutely changed my perspective on many things. Personally, a lot more than reading textbooks ever could have.

When you tell someone you are Canadian, they smile. I think that by itself represents the idea that Canadians are good, and have done some good. While I have not personally been a part of that, it feels good to know that is how we are viewed. That makes me happy.

So, what does that mean?

Basically Canada Day is going to be a banger for me, no matter what country I am in.





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