Thoughts After 1 Month In Poland

Day 27 of Year 26

It has been exactly one month since I flew out of Amsterdam. I would like to share some things I have learned while being in Krakow, Poland. You know, incase you find it interesting.

Krakow is inexpensive for travellers
The Euro is traded at roughly 4.1. 300 zlotys is approximately 73 euros (I grabbed some from the ATM last night). The pound is traded above 5 zls.

To expand on that, the steak I eat is 44,90 zl/kg. Normally I eat about 0,275kg, which costs 12,35 zl = €3,00.

In Amsterdam, a steak of the same grade would run me anywhere from €7,00-€10,00.

I use steak as the basis for my comparison, but you can assume everything follows the same pattern. Beer, food, gym memberships – the essentials.

I think this is why I meet a ton of UK travellers. They can hop on an easyjet flight return trip for less than 100 pound, enjoy the generous conversation rate, and ball out.

At my hostel, they sell beers for 5 zl – so 1 beer = less than a pound.

Minimum wage

A quick wikipedia search shows minimum wage as 11,52 zl. Using our conversion model, that means someone earning minimum wage would be making €2,80 an hour. I have no opinion on the matter – just something I found surprising coming from Amsterdam. However, Amsterdam used an age scale – which I thought was wild.

Not everyone speaks English

I was lucky in Amsterdam because everyone knew English. In Poland, I have met people who were flat out like, no English kthxbye. I am not English self-righteous though, as I believe when you are in a country you play by their rules, and language.

The party scene is crazy

Although it is not high season yet, I can tell you one thing – Krakow parties hard. The nightclubs, nightlife, and bars stay open late. The crawl I work with is bananas. People travel from all over, and when they arrive they want to have a good time, and a good time is had.

Banja Lukja sells white russians at 4 zls. Which at 0400 seem like a great idea, but not when you wake up.

Polish people are the bomb

I think different countries around the world tend to have their own reputations. It is not that everyone in a culture is a particular way, but sometimes you notice patterns. Having said that, I did not really know anything about Polish culture before landing.

The Polish I have met so far have been super kind and friendly. I am not going to break down examples of this, it is the overall vibe and the positive interactions I have had. Since I landed everyone has been great and I have felt completely welcomed. I just really like them.

These are just a couple things I found interesting to share. I am sure I will have more unique things to share about the Polish culture as I start venturing out and doing activities. Some activities I want to knock off this month are the salt mines and Auschwitz. Also, other sectors of the city, as I have been 99% of my time within a 2 mile radius.

I would highly recommend coming to Krakow if you are in the EU.




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