Vegan Burger Joint, Alcohol fuel

Day 24 of Year 26

There is a vegan burger joint just a stone throw away from where I live. Normally I avoid bread, but when I sleep late it becomes difficult to make calories without it. The goal is getting enough food in before the nightly festivities begin.

Because if I don’t… KFC happens.

Last night I stepped out of pub crawl for a quick pit stop at KFC. Give me that B box delight. It is not that I wanted to, but more that I needed to. I have a theory that if I don’t hit enough calories throughout the day before adding alcohol, I do not feel good. So, the goal on nights when I am drinking is adequately charging up throughout the day.

Actually, I think this is true for most people. You know when somebody (normally, the ladies) gets super drunk or acts like a total dumbass and then the next day say, ‘ wow the normally doesn’t happen but I only ate a piece of lettuce today’.

Yeah, we have all heard that.

I think they get so messed up because they did not have enough calories in their body, and as a result they get buckled off of a couple mixers.

So, I think it is important to listen to your body, while also making a conscious decision to eat a lot throughout the day. Not eating and drinking heavy is a recipe for disaster.

So, if I start feeling not myself, I know its time to pump some grade A fast food into the rig.

Then its back into the action.

So, for today the vegan burger seemed like a ‘healthier’ alternative in the daytime. Because vegans are healthy right?

The burger was pretty good and the atmosphere was nice. It was highly rated on trip advisor (there was like 5 stickers displaying their rating).

I never knew how crucial trip advisor ratings were in the hospitality industry until moving to Krakow. It is big. #themoreyouknow

One thing, and this might seem like such a petty ding on the vegan burger joint (but hey its my blog so idgaffff) is on their English menu. I hate when things are listed as free when they are technically paid for. The menu said, ‘2 free toppings’, where it should say, ‘2 toppings included’. That is just sloppy imo.

But I am not taking a stab at the language, because I see English companies mess that up as well.

So, when I see it, it gets to me.

Who are we kidding, I am dining with the colonel again tonight.

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