Organic Store in Poland

Day 23 of Year 26

Today on my walk home I found an organic store. I went in to check it out because I wanted to see how the Polish do organic, and I needed eggs.

While I am currently not concerned about eating organic foods (for a couple reasons), I do want to maintain eating organic grade eggs. I think it makes a difference, and when I am eating on average 10 a day, it counts.


Why? My opinion is organic eggs are more nutritious and taste better. Since it is the main staple to my diet, I would rather pay a little extra incase my opinion is right. I say opinion because it depends on what research you decide to accept and what you do not. People often argue about organic vs non organic – just like everything else in health and fitness. The thing about it is there is data and academic studies to back up pretty much any claim in fitness today. So, who’s right and who’s wrong? I think people can believe whatever they want. Whatever helps you sleep at night friends.

Anyway, as far as the store goes, it was your run-of-the-mill organic store. Lotions, cinnamon, coconut milk, coffee, tea, vegan stuff – you know, the usual. After cataloguing the store for some time I chatted with the girl working the desk.


I should note this store was the first place I have been in Poland where the majority of goods were listed in English. Normally its all in Polish. It was nice to be able to read some ingredients and descriptions for once.

Now I know where I can get my organic eggs. What a great day.

Oh and If you are curious, I picked up some eggs, coffee, tea, and coconut milk. #boujee




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