Experiencing More Now, The Sun

Day 19 of Year 26

Pub crawl is more fun than sleep.

The pub crawl I work with runs nightly, and if I am not working it, more times than not I still go out for it. I join because if I am not working it, my friends are – which means if I do not join I will be left to stare at the walls.

Not great at staring at walls. Especially party hostel walls. FOMO

So I roll – and we roll hard.

It is funny because I made up this idea that if I go to bed by 3, I consider myself as being  healthy and will be highly functioning in the morning. It is like one of those promises you make with yourself that foregoes logic and/or rationale thinking.

Like, when I was in Iceland I ate donuts – because calories and chemicals do not count when on vacation #science


So, my logic is if I am sleeping by 3, I did not drink alcohol and party.


I go out with this concept, but then reality aka pub crawl happens and we stumble back anywhere from 0330 to 0600 in the morning – continuing the party at the hostel.

Or, we hit Bania-Luka. Bania-Luka is a shots bar across from the hostel. Bodybags when we go there.

I have met the sun many nights since arriving in Krakow. This racket is nocturnal in nature.

Since I am in all fairness probably not going to be sleeping before 3 most nights (at least for now), I have committed to making other changes to combat the effects of late nights and great parties.

My theory is if I am going to enjoy the fullness of the nights in Krakow, I need to maximize the daytime to thrive in this game.

Some commitments I have made are:

Drink 4-5 L of water daily
3-4 Coffees
Drink beer or clear alcohol
Limit sugar
Steak, eggs, broccoli, spinach, nuts, salmon, sardines
Eliminate/limit bread, rice, potatoes, etc.
Lots of sea salt
Exercising daily (90-120 minutes)
2500 calories
No alcohol before sundown on long nights

I am not going to expand on the reasons behind each, but these are some of what I believe can combat the effects of having a killer pub crawl most nights of the week.

Also, maintaining this structure would prove to myself that while I am having one hell of a time, it is not changing who I am. When there is an extreme change in environment or routine, it can sometimes change someone for better or worse. If you can stay your course, you are in control – which I think is important for someone during their journey into the unknown.

Krakow is not forever, but it is for now. I am sure when I move again onto a different country and environment, I will be hit with an entirely different framework to adapt to. This is what I like, experiencing different stuff.

Amsterdam was great, but I made a critical error when I was there. Even though I moved across the world, I essentially transplanted my exact routine from Canada to Amsterdam. I was so focused on my routine that I feel I missed out on really experiencing Amsterdam. Most days I did the exact same thing – work out, work, eat. I would rearrange plans, or even cancel them, in order to complete my sequence daily.

I started to become aware of this the more I talked to people from home. They would ask me what I was doing and what I was experiencing – and I just did not have that much interesting touristic experiences to share.

I could feel the doubt, like, ‘you really moved to Amsterdam to work out?’. That made me question if I was lame. I did not want to be lame.

This is why I commit to redlining whatever new environments I experience – because Amsterdam was Canada for me with tulips.

So, right now redlining the experience in Krakow (at least for now) is pub crawling with my friends and experiencing the sun rising.

Maybe in a couple monthes its surfing daily and being a beach bum.

Maybe it is living in a treehouse in the jungle.

but hey, we take it day by day right?








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