The Horses in Main Market Square

Day 18 of Year 26

Every day I walk by these horses and carriages in Main Market Square. The ladies sometimes call out their price as I walk by in hopes of getting their next fare. If I remember correctly, I think they call out 100 zlotys (€25,00) for a ride.  They post up in a line and wait as tourists cruise by.

Since I am normally walking in the name of fitness or my stomach, there is no time for carriage life. Even though I do not ride, I do see them strutting along with people fairly often. So, I suppose business is good for them.

A notable group I remember seeing was a large group of old asian people using roughly 10 of these carriages. They had their own caravan strutting along, selfie sticks in hand, living it up.

I do not find the idea of sitting in the back of a carriage terribly exciting – or romantic (which is a reason I think some people might ride). While some people might love it, it looks like it would be boring . com to me. That is my opinion though.

I would much rather be riding on the back of a horse through the wildlife than in a carriage in the city.

Actually, Some of my #nomadgoals are to ride both horse and camel.

That is the stuff I find interesting and exciting.

Carriages? Nah man.

Side note, my digital camera started working again. yazzzzzzzz.


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