Multi-Vitamins, Deadlifts As The Marker

Day 17 of Year 26

20 days in Krakow. 20 days with a stuffed up nose. It irritated me to the point that I had to set out in the mall after my workout in search of a supplement store. Well that and I ran out of pre-workout. Eventually, after about 20 minutes walking around in the Galeria, I was able to find a health store and grab my multi-vitamin AKA stuffy nose killer. No luck on the pre-workout though.

I think I picked up the right multi, but I am not positive because of two factors to my purchase.

  1. The lady who sold it to me could not speak English
  2. It is in Polish

I know it says male multi, and it is from the same brand I used when in Amsterdam. I could not find the one I used to buy (which was labeled differently). Either way I think it will do the trick. I hope it helps me combat the environmental and lifestyle effects of Krakow.

Fingers crossed.

As far as the fitness goes, I have not noticed a decline since being in Krakow.

160 kg x 6 for sets of deadlifts today. That suggests to me I am not losing my strength. It has only been 20 days, so it might be a little early to call it a win. Will see though. I plan on using the deadlift as my marker to my physical condition.

My training has changed a lot since arriving (which I like). I find it is more balanced and efficient – more gymnastics and uni-lateral movement based. May write about that at some point in the near future.

well, maybe we can chat about it for a second or two…

I have stopped front and back squatting, instead implementing Bulgarian and pistol squat movements. My primary (by a landslide) upper body movement is the pull-up. I use many different variations, and do minimum 50 every day. I sumo or traditional deadlift every 2nd or 3rd day. I am now doing Murph 1 or 2 days a week.

I think this is an efficient, simple approach to generate maximum return on what I am wanting.

The Nomad physique.