Hitting The Pavement

Day 16 of Year 26

Today we hit the pavement.

One of the main functions I am involved with while in Krakow is working with a pub crawl. The pub crawl I work with consists of 1 hour of unlimited rum, vodka and beer, followed by being shuttled through 3 nightclubs. During the power hour people play drinking games like beer pong and flip cup. Then, at each club people receive a welcome shot and line bypass. The pub crawl costs roughly 13-15 euros, which I think is insanely inexpensive given the fact the first hour is unlimited.  It escalates.

Eastern Europe.

One element of the pub crawl I do is what is called ‘promo’, AKA promotion/promoting. What promo consists of is walking around handing out fliers and pitching the pub crawl to tourists during the day. Normally, for the same night. Oh yeah, this happens nightly.

I enjoy doing promo because I enjoy talking to people, and I do not mind being shut down. Those are essentially the two things you need to do it. A smile and thick skin.

It is funny because I used to do this kind of street style marketing when I worked for the gym back in Canada. So, I went from pitching needs, goals, timeframe to pitching a power hour that leaves bodybags. Why not try both ends of the spectrum right?

The whole thing is pretty chill though. Essentially, we walk back and forth chatting with people who look like they want to have a good time. I like those kind of people.

Does this make me one of those street people I was referring to yesterday?








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