Vampire Day, Poor Food & Air Quality

Day 15 of Year 26


I slept the entire day today. 1000-1900.

I feel so degenerate when I do that. An entire day lost.

There are a few different reasons why I think today was my first full vampire day in Krakow.

The first thing that comes to mind is that I partied and stayed up all night. I mean, that is kind of common sense as to why I would have slept all day. However, I am not sold on that being the sole reason because there have been plenty of times I have partied all night and then went to the gym and/or work.  #teamnosleep

The second factor I think contributed to my sleep is my current dietary intake. I feel the food quality is not great here – not like I am accustomed to. Even though I am still eating my eggs, steak, broccoli, spinach, etc. as my staple diet, I do not think it is the same standard as Amsterdam. I am no food expert – it just feels low quality. If I am getting a lowered amount of nutrients, it would make sense that I would be more susceptible to fatigue and/or lowered amount of work capacity/stressors.

The third factor I think is the air quality and as a result my current health. While I would not say I am sick (because sickness is a mindset 😉 ), I have had a stuffed up nose since the first night. I think that has to do with the poor air quality here. A quick google search reassures this idea, as Krakow has very poor air quality. I have never had to consider air quality as an obstacle before. The stuffed up nose is my tell.

What are the long term effects of that? Does air quality diminish my health? Is it a limiting factor? How do the people here deal with this? Do they adapt?

I feel stuffy. So I will have to find a way to overcompensate these factors if I am to thrive in this climate.

Perhaps I have to look at taking supplements again. If I believe the food and air are working against me, then perhaps additional nutrients are needed. I stopped taking supplements a while ago, but that was when I was in optimal living conditions. If lifestyle and environment are not working with me, perhaps I have to dabble again.

Or maybe I should just live the vampire life.






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