Settling into Krakow

Day 3 of Year 26

Tomorrow marks one week since I first arrived in Krakow.

I did laundry for the time today. I think doing laundry somewhere makes it official.

Also, I was awake earlier than 0900 for the first time since I moved to Krakow. That makes me slightly more functioning-member-of-society-like. To be honest though, I don’t think there will be many mornings like that throughout the duration of my stay.

6 days has allowed me to slowly start forming structure to my days. Normally light snack, gym, food, exploring, food, and then socialising / the evening’s festivities. Lots and lots of walking. I am enjoying having the time to walk from place to place. It’s interesting when you have more time to take your time.

I think as I start doing activities, my routine will be shaken up. Previous me would have been anxious to the idea of messing around with my eating and working out, however for Year 26 I am going to embrace the schedule altering experiences :).

I think there is an adjustment phase to any move, anywhere. This lifestyle will be very different than Amsterdam, and Canada. I think in one of the next blog posts I’ll delve into more details of what the new lifestyle looks like.

I feel good though. A new pace for a while.







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