The Character Of This Story

Day 2 of Year 26

I consider my life as a story. In this story, I play the main character. Each day another page is written. All of the decisions I make, experiences I have, and people I interact with, add to this story.

It’s all one big character arc.

The reason why I am telling you this is because I feel its important to identify oneself into the role that fits the needs and wants of the current part of the story. I first started considering this as a concept after reading Shakespeare’s As You Like It, where he explains the seven stages of man. I think I was 16 at the time. It was unique and made me ponder about who I was.

Could I just be the lover forever? That’s sounds like a good deal.

However I considered my own version, more specific to my journey.

Was I a hero or a villain? Would I turn into a hero or villain? What paths would I wander? Would I have many of my own roles? What would be the best role?

I would describe the roles I have played so far as the following

The young aspiring football player

The charming nightclub bouncer

The motivated fitness sales guy

The Canadian fitness guy in Amsterdam

Which brings us to now.

I’ve been overly reflective (although regular reflective Malcolm is pretty hardcore) over the last couple of days considering which role I am to play now. Normally, it has all been pretty obvious or natural.

Now, I am free to decide.

What role will I have? For how long will I be in it? What will my days, and pages, narrate? Side bar – I’ll be posting daily so we can find that out together ;).

I think the best title to describe the next role for me is


jk jk,

The Contemplative Canadian Nomad

Wandering around carrying my backpack, TRX band dangling off the side – sporting black tank tops and cargo pants.

That’s high fashion. You’re welcome.

I feel good about this role because it is an entirely new direction. I’m just doing me for the next amount of time.

I’m already meeting interesting new types of people. Even though I have only taken a couple steps down this unfamiliar terrain, It is inspiring and reassuring to feel good about the environment and fellow nomads.

What roles have you played? What are you currently playing in your story? Where is your story taking you? Are you writing the pages you want to?



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