The start of Year 26

Day 1 of Year 26

Today is my birthday.

I take two days of the year seriously – New Years Eve and April 6.

New Years Eve is a reflection of my last year, what I accomplished, and where I am on my journey. At midnight, I cheers with my people and celebrate. Maybe if I’m lucky, a new years kiss. Having said that, I haven’t experienced the NYE kiss on any year – but I imagine its a nice experience with someone you care about.

Feel free to mark it on your calendar ;).

My birthday is always focused on the next 365 days – where I’ll be, and what I’ll be doing.

My goal, the goal, is to always have the best year of my life. Basically, outdo the last ‘best year of my life’. While my responsibilities and interests will change over time, my need to still winning years is top priority. My birthday is the marker.

I feel sad for the people who look back and talk about the ‘best years’ of their lives – why aren’t they right here right now? At what point did they peak? At what point did they submit? Why did they give up? What beat them?

Also, not to sound morbid, but I always wonder if this is the last year of my life.

AND….if it is, am I living authentically? That’s basically the question – Am I doing my soul good? Everyones on their own journey – Am I travelling the right direction on mine? In the end, am I going to look back and know I lived a life I feel was worth living, or am I going to look back and feel regret for submitting to the system and other people’s opinions of what I should do.

There have been times in my life where I knew I had to get uncomfortable, shuffle the deck, and play a new hand.

Essentially I do crazy shit every year around my birthday. Obviously, this year’s was the ‘quit your job find yourself’ personal experiment. Will let you know how that works out.

I’m already wondering how I can top that next year.

Year 26 is the year I step out of society’s judgement and expectations. I found life  dissatisfying trying to prove my expected worthiness the world. I realised I would never be satisfied, because there would always be a next level. I stopped buying things to make me happy – that changed the game. I began to realise I needed more experience. Material things had no power over me. I am now down to 1 backpack. That’s all I need for the time being. It’s funny to think about all the stupid things we put ourselves through/do in order to claim our place in the realm of capitalist/corporate culture.

I don’t think thats living authentically, and it wasn’t making me happy.

Year 26 is the year I question the whole enchilada. Year 26 is the year that I spend less time worrying about what other people are doing, and focus on being more present.

Trying to prove your worthy to other people based on their value system, instead of yours – is a waste of time. I learned that money is not that important to me, passed my basic needs. I’m still trying to figure out what that means, but I do know there has been a  shift in my priorities. When I was chasing money, I always wondered how much I would need to be satisfied. When would I get more time in my day to do other things, not related to earning money?

I can always make more money. I will not always be able to travel with a backpack.

I’m not saying this is everyone, and I’m not implying that if someone has a different opinion/journey that they are wrong. I am only reflecting on my own ride so far.

I think some people spend too much time pretending to be people they don’t want to be in hopes of impressing people who are doing the exact same thing.

Let’s agree to just be who we are, and accept each other for that.

What kind of world would that be?

TLDR; Turned 26, will blog everyday, question and experience more.



2 thoughts on “The start of Year 26

  1. Great post Malcolm. I can really relate to the stuff you are talking about. In fact, I feel exactly the same way about everything you have mentioned in this article.

    Whats your plans for the next year? (coming back to holland?)

    (Also, didn’t realise you left Holland last week, would have said bye before you left)


    1. Hey Steve! I’m glad to hear we’re on the same page. I’m not really planning anything too far ahead, but I’m sure I’ll visit again. We will have to catch up and share our stories!


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