Working Out Was A Chore Today

I worked out today.

That’s not new or exciting per se, however I’m impressed with myself for making it because of how I felt from last night. Also, today was my first true beautiful day in Krakow.

Alcohol ’til late and sunny weather, a dangerous duo.

Before getting my reps, we (Courtney, Kaity and myself) ate perogies (sp?) and napped in the park. A nap in the sun is definitely the best way to zap any motivation to lift weights.

Note to self – train then nap.

Honestly, despite those variables – I simply didn’t really want to work out. As I step away from fitness for a while, I am learning that there are other interesting things to do, or see, or just be around. I am focused on meeting and learning from other people. I’m not focused on seeing if I can deadlift another kilo.

I think a major contributing factor to my current feels is the fact that I have completely flipped my structural environment. When working in a gym, doing gym stuff, surrounded by gym people – yeah, its pretty easy to #fitfam. When you remove yourself from an absolute environment like that, there’s going to be an adjustment phase.

This is the awkward, but-why-though phase.

However, I’m trying to keep myself healthy, and maintain some degree of normalcy while on this adventure. Personal fitness is that normalcy, and it’s also preventive health.

I know how important it is to keep oneself healthy, strong, adaptable. Especially entering year 26, aka the unknown, aka the jungle – gotta keep the frame A1.

Also, I don’t want pencil legs. So theres that.

All I’m saying is at this point working out feels like more of a chore, rather than passion.

I don’t know of many backpackers / explorers who work out daily. Which makes sense, because hey, they’re seeing the world and meeting fellow travellers. You don’t normally make friends over protein shakes in this realm.

Hopefully I can maintain my health, and make it work. Honestly, I don’t know because that would make me an anomaly in this racket.

I really hope to show and article a subculture of nomad-explorer-fitness-dude.

We shall see as the Dutch say.



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