The Burger Biting Rebel

I woke up at 2 in the afternoon.

On a Tuesday.

Normally I would be working, would be restricted with a schedule, and have most minutes of my day already accounted for.


Today, I had nothing.

All I knew was that at some point I would eat 12 eggs and a clove of broccoli, and work out. Also, pub crawl tonight.

This is a totally new realm of existence for me.

As I awoke I met two travellers who had just arrived. After chatting for a bit I prepared to head to the gym and we said our goodbyes.

Side bar – A major part of Year 26 is simply going with the flow. Being more present. Meeting and engaging with people who also want to explore..

Lastly, and this is the big one – having some intense life chats. That’s my jammmmmmm.

So, on the way out I ran into them again, as they were eating. They offered me some fries and a bite of one of their burgers.

For those of you who know me, you know I’m a huge germ freak. No sharing, especially with people I just met.


I took a bite, which I feel is symbolic of my journey, this journey. Questioning my former rigidness, or decided thoughts and feelings of the world.

They definitely don’t know how big of a step that was for me. I feel like a rebel. A badass, burger biting rebel living in Poland working at a hostel.

The burger was just the beginning.

After that, we went for a nice stroll across the city to the shopping mall.

When time isn’t restricted, you are more able to wander, or make plans on the fly.

From waking up with no plans, to befriending and exploring with new people – that’s now going to be who I am. I am enjoying meeting new people, all on their own journeys.

Everyone has a story.

Now I must prepare for tonight’s pub crawl.

Which means I will more than likely be waking up at 2 again tomorrow.

Rinse and repeat.

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