6. Resignation

I have been fortunate in my life to have played architect to all the enjoyable and painful finales I have had thus far. Conscious to myself and my actions, I have learned through both my wins and losses. This is something I have accepted and am grateful that my highs and lows have been by [...]


Germany was nice. It was a quick two day trip. I was able to meet some of my team. One of the wide receivers hosted a bbq. It was a nice way to and talk football while breaking bread. It was a unique experience, to be introduced as an import player. It feels kind of [...]


Just landed in Munich. This makes two new countries since my return to Europe. While I transferred in Switzerland, it doesn’t count towards my countries visited. To be in an airport doesn’t give an experience. Experiences are what I seek. To see how other people exist, what they do. To explore other ways of life. [...]


A friend visited me last weekend. It was nice to see them again, to remember what once was. Who I once was. Time doesn’t make us forget, instead it forms each experience into its own page. Many days, many experiences and many pages later our memory softens our former days to make room for the [...]


I picked up some more CBD oil tonight. This is my second bottle. Upon returning to Amsterdam, both falling asleep and staying asleep had been near impossible. At first, I could manage running on minimal sleep. It wasn't like I was a stranger to the late night and early morning experience. However, after prolonged conditions, [...]